Damp Protection Services Limited offer specialist advice to building owners, local authorities and various contractors. Damp Protection Services Limited have in-house experts that have extensive knowledge and experience in supplying and applying various cellar tanking systems.

The way that cellar and basement tanking systems work is by applying a waterproof tanking coating directly to the inside of any wall to prevent moisture from penetrating the property. This does not remove the water, it simply creates a barrier and is usually used in below ground level situations but also when a conventional damp proof system cannot be used.

We offer help, advice and guidance in connection with the various levels of waterproofing and cellar tanking as defined in BS8102:2009.

  • Grade 1, Basic Utility – Some damp and seepage is tolerable. i.e. Plant rooms, underground Car Parks.
  • Grade 2, Mid Utility – No penetrating water, ventilation may be required. i.e. Workshops, storage areas and electrical plant rooms.
  • Grade 3, Habitable, Zero penetrating water, totally dry! i.e. Ventilated office and residential, restaurants and leisure facilities.

BS8102:2009 Outlines 3 different types of waterproofing methods we use:

Type A – a waterproof tanking  barrier coating either applied to the external or internal face of a building.
This is a cementitious coating that is applied to the walls to form a barrier against the ingress of water. This systems requires the brickwork of the house to be in a stable condition due to the fact that tanked walls need to resist the water pressure that will build up. In older houses, preparing walls can be quite time-consuming, involving hacking off old plaster, raking out old mortar, re-pointing and applying salt-neutralising products.

Type B – an integral tanking waterproofing system built into the fabric of a structure.
Watertight concrete tanking systems that can be integrated into the construction of a below ground structure.

Type C – a drained waterproofing tanking system.
This system involves a studded membrane, made from high-density polyethylene, being fixed to the walls with plugs. This allows water to flow down behind the membrane within the cavity created and to the floor and into a drainage system.

Damp Protection Services Limited offer a complete range of cellar tanking and basement waterproofing solutions available for all of the above requirements. Internal multi-layered cementitious tanking renders. External fully bonded cellar waterproofing sheet membrane and liquid applied systems. Watertight concrete cellar tanking systems that can be integrated into the construction of a below ground and basement structure. Cavity Drainage cellar tanking and waterproofing systems including sumps and pumps.

Planning and identification is the most important aspect of any basement waterproofing system and careful consideration need to be given to joints and penetrations, we supply a detailed program of works on methods of application, program, ingress of water and the substrate all need to be taken into consideration applied to.

Once a suitable basement waterproofing solution has been identified, Damp Protection Services Limited can then supply the expertise to complete the cellar tanking job. We are experienced specialist waterproofing contractors who can provide cost and program of works for the cellar tanking and basement waterproofing required.

Damp Protection Services Limited offer a full and comprehensive service to combat rising, penetrating and condensation problems in your home. So if you think your property may be suffering from damp issues, give us a call and we’ll help you locate and eliminate any damp issues you may have. Our comprehensive service for damp proofing, basement waterproofing (tanking) and condensation control is backed by a 30 year product guarantee and a 10 year insurance backed guarantee. We only use the latest high quality materials available on the market giving you peace of mind knowing your home is in safe hands.

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